Please help with track! Russian voice in it!


Sep 9, 2008
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Please help to identify a track with russian and english voice in it!
Ive heard it in SZANSZY mix ( sessions) yesterday!!!
Please HELP i need it very much :music:!

Im from Russia and Im a fan of progressive music. I even was listerning to RISE.FM before AH.FM!!! Progressive music is not so popular in Russia but I hope it will be the most popular soon :)
SZANSZY didn't have a show yesterday so that means was a replay, which one was it and will make it easier if you post a sample of the track you want ID'ed :)
I cant post a sample of track :( I went to and found only one mix of szanszy but there was no suck a track I try to find :(
And there is no information about mix in calendar - only " session" for yesterday.
THANX ALOT, BITZI!!!! I`ll just download all of these tracks and I hope one of them will be that very track I want :) :) :)