Please tell us what you think?

The threads for ne shows are missing. E.g. right now for playing show slipcode & Chalmers - Source Code 007 on AH.FM 24-07-2023
Actualy also missing threads for upcoming shows....
no more where we are from?, not sure why it went to a map search when you clicked on it, still would be cool to know where we are from if you wanted that option, just saying :captain:

location: New York
hello @robiejaegs location has been moved to the actual profile of the user, so click on any user and you will see where they are from.
@dan Could you add missing AH.FM emoticons from the previous version of the website? I found them here: If you want, I can send them you via PM since I downloaded all of them. Some of us miss them. :book: why make some exceptions, let's put them all :mml: :megacrazy: apart from some probably tough & boring labour: is it actually rocket science to have them all 'native' again ? 😄 :please: 🙏

i believe 99% of smielies are back, please send me if you see any missing? or send me the missing ones via PM
Thanks, Dan! :friends: If something's missing, we'll send them to you. Have a nice Sunday! :good: