Poem - To Those Who Do Not Understand


Aug 29, 2008
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To those who do not understand

As part of the collective we progress alongside the aria,
allowing the harmony to fuel our sensation.
We experience a group consciousness.
We move together,
sense together,
listen together.

We float along the melodious swelling,
waiting for the moment,
the climax that merges our psyche,
the moment that the adrenaline changes our soul.

For a time, we live within this beautiful relationship,
given to us by our mentor,
the guide that holds the answers and provides
the keys to this remarkable enchantment.

With their help we achieve the emotion we crave,
a deity of the new age and express our gratitude
for the invitation to this world.

We join hands, join spirits, join minds
and together we usher in the power of a new age.
We lift our heads high and welcome the virtual truth.
We close our eyes, redundant within this utopia.

The final surges race to our receptors,
only now do we realise our existence ... in trance!
David Farquharson