Possible new forums to be added ? need your comments


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May 1, 2006
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hey all, I was just thinking with Distant land about adding more forums into General section...

?? Ring Tones - people would post their ring tones and share etc ??

?? Content Creation - afterhours wallpapers, anything to do with photoshop and graphics etc...

any other suggestions please reply...

ps.. once the new site is up and running ill be adding news section to the forums, so on main site we will have a small snippet of the news and a MORE button that will take people to the post in forum so they could comment on it :)
I still want my AfterHours cap :(

On a serious note, I don't know how well a ring tones sub-forum would fare, but Content Creation sounds like a good idea.
I can't think of anything at the moment buddy.
Ring tones sound good - but would that be infringing copywrite?
Ringtones sounds bad actually. Im'm sick of all the commercials for ringtones. I dont think ringtones would fit well here at ah.fm. If ppl want music on their mobile. They just drop it on the phone and done..

Next to ringtones i think Content Creation would fit in very well. New afterhours banners,photos and wallpapers are always welcome, and we didnt have a forum for it yet.
Hmm skip the ringtones section mate, could be problems with copyright and everything.
And most phonens these days have mp3 capability so i guess most people let one of their mp3s work as a ringtone.
But content creation sounds awesome, wallpapers, sigs and everything like that, go go go:ah:
i think a graphics/art section would be good, photoshop is something im starting to get used to again after a couple of years not using the program, so itd be good to ask for advise if needed!

ringtones....no....i swear if that crazy frog infiltrates afterhours it'll never be the same again!

i think in the dj's/producers section there should be a specific "auditions" thread and a seperate thread for current ahfm djs to post their work....it would make it easier to see all of the demo's/auditions in one place.
It's good as it's now, adding sth more like stupid ringtones in unnecessary IMO.
yeah I agree ringtone would be useless, but Content Creation would be nice to post Afterhours wallpapers and such.

Will get on it soon. Thank you guys for feedback
if anyone has more to add please post :)
I support Content Creation :ah:

What to add... The other radio :) has an opportunity to send a comment to the song which is playing at the moment. I'd like to see a place to comment all tunes, that are worth posting comments. Every ah-member could make a thread with his favourite. Or post comments to a track, when a DJ is playing it but separately, to a thread with this song only.