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Jun 12, 2010
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This is the latest in a new series called "Private Sessions", made to coincide with the launch of my new website.

From the site description:

"Silky smooth, yet wildly intense, "Candy" will capture you and never let go, as wave after wave of sultry sounds build towards a climax of dizzying intensity"

For your listening pleasure, "Candy": :lollypop:


1. MHD - Not Easy To Love You ft. Ryne (Original Mix)
2. Mason - You Are Not Alone (Glenn Morrison Remix)
3. Blank & Jones - Consequences ft. Vanessa Daou (Original Mix)
4. Tiesto - Do You Feel Me ft. Julie Thompson (Roger Martinez Remix)
5. Elastika - My Whisper (Original Mix)
6. Future Disciples - Let It Stay That Way ft. Haley Parsons (Original Mix)
7. Zoltan Kontes - Take Hold Of Me ft. Tania Zygar (Original Mix)
8. Vinny Troia - Do For Love ft. Jaidene Veda (D:Fuse & Hiratzka Remix)
9. Asheni - Sweet Suffering (Van Bellem Vocal Mix)
10. Jose Amnesia - Louder ft. Jennifer Rene (Original Mix)
11. Jose Amnesia - Closer ft. Linn (Club Vocal Mix)
12. Age Of Love vs. Origene - Age Of Sanctuary (Sandero Mashup)
13. Marco V - Solitary Confinement ft. Khashassi (Revixed)
14. Smart Apes - Smile ft. Kate Miles (Original Mix)
15. Jose Amnesia - Transfusion (No Regrets Vocal Mix)
16. Fred Baker, Mr. Sam - Forever Waiting ft. As One (Original Mix)
17. James Holden, Julie Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
18. Mike Efex - Pier 39 ft. Catherine (Tech Mix)
19. iio - Smooth (Airbase Club Mix)
20. Armin van Buuren - Down To Love ft. Ana Criado (Extended Version)
21. Interstate, Tyler Michaud - Junkie ft. Jessy Greene (2010 Mix)

Listen or Download:

http://youngfree.dj/candy.wav (wav)

http://youngfree.dj/candy.mp3 (mp3)

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Will give it a listen!
Hey YF! I checked it out and both your website and this mix are real Candy thx! :lollypop:Congrats:grinning:

Track 12 is my favourite:ee:

Descargando :wink:


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I love your set mate really listening to it for the second time and I like the choice of the tracklist and the trans between them, keep up mate the good work !
Thanks for all the great feedback, guys! :friends::hug:
Lot of nice stuffs here :))
I'll DL it definitely :))

Support !!! :)))
Thanks for the message! :grinning:
Thanks for the vmessage Young Free ! Just checked the tracklist - looks cool and this is one's favorite !

:: 14. Smart Apes - Smile ft. Kate Miles (Original Mix) ::

Kate Miles
Kate Miles
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Real Name: Katerina Krutskih

Alias: Katerina Krutskih
In Groups: Smart Apes

Location : Київ / Kiev, Ukraïne

Smart Apes
Smart Apes
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Alexander Chernenko, Konstantin Pavlovskiy, Irina Shvidkaya, Kate Miles

Members: Aquile & TB, Kate Miles

Location: Київ / Kiev, Ukraine

Just finished listening. What a great set. :bravo:

The transitions were all good and kept the mix moving nicely. The track selection was excellent too. :)
Thanks guys for all the continued support and great comments! :hug::friends:

Much more to come in this series! :lollypop:
Listening!. thnx for share. great so far :dance:
I will try to check it out this weekend, mate. :friends:

The Candy was tasty. :) Nice & smooth transitions, great selection starting off with some great house tunes then moving onto, still great, trance. You featured some tracks I have not known yet. Really vocalicious but very nice vocal tracks. :music: Great job, YF. :good2:
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