Proxi & Alex Pepper - Inside Trance 032 on AH.FM 16-03-2019

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Proxi & Alex Pepper


Vukovi - Wired (David Forbes & Trevor Reilly Remix) [ARIA]
Lost Witness - 7 Colours [Data]
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game (White Label Mix) [CDR]
Wonky - Deliver Me [CDR]
LostIt.Com - Animal [Perfecto]
Force Majeure - Out Of My Mind [Additive]
Dopping & Steele - Choose To See [Perfecto Fluoro] #BANGEROFTHEMONTH
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Panama [Black Hole]
Nicholas Gunn & Alina Renae - I'll Be Gone (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
Sergey Nevone - Unhappy Marionette (Simon O'Shine Remix) [Audioresearch]
Trance Wax - Trance 5 [Trance Wax]
Armin van Buuren Ft. Bonnie McKee - Lonely For You [Armada]
Tomohiko Togashi - Hypnotized [Wavforme]
Vadim Zhukov & Megan Sampson - Heart Connected (Solarstone Reconstructed Mix) [Pure Trance]
David Gradwell - Awakening [Pure Progressive]
Lange & Cate Kanell - Fireflies [Lange Recordings]
Matanka - Lost In A Dream (DJ Tandu Remix) [ID&T]
Orion - See Me Here [Incentive]
Miikka Leinonen - Mirabel [Fraction]
The Prodigy - Firestarter (Deliriant Remix) [CDR]
The Def Set - Ogo (The Digital Blonde's End Of An Era Mix) [Fluid UK]

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MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :cap: all ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by me

Tracklist: TXT format :good:
less talking more choons :wall: :ee: :bumpit:
less talking more choons :wall: :ee: :bumpit:

saying track names isn't bad though :)
might help some listeners for id :p

and I believe the host said something like "Mark Eaterson" remix

Proxi & Alex Pepper - Inside Trance 031 on AH.FM 16-02-2019

The Killers - Mr Brightside (Mark Eteson Remix)

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have no clue how I can possibly thank you enough. Much appreciated. I knew I heard something along those lines of the remix name. Thank you very much.
Cheers for listening to our show! Alex is an award-winning radio host. So some folk, like myself, feel lucky to hear up to 10 minutes of him a month, for free! :)

Now, before we get booed off the air, the mandatory Keith Flint tribute is incoming.

We'll be back next month for an Easter-themed special