Pure Pressure - Pressurized (NUTEK 2010) - OUT NOW!

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Aug 5, 2010
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Pure Pressure - Pressurized (NUTEK 2010) - OUT NOW!

Artist: Pure Pressure
Title: Pressurized
Cat No: NUCD026

Info, Sound & Order:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html...ntextName=Pure Pressure&contextEntityId=54851


1. Daylight Cruising

2. Solid Incline

3. Point Blank

4. Fiber

5. Private Soul

6. Every Orbit

7. Modified Excitement

8. The Prayer of Audubon

9. Trying Contrast


Pure Pressure - Pressurized (NUTEK 2010)


Yohei Matsuzaki, the artist behind the project PURE PRESSURE. He was born in 1979 in Chiba, Japan. After coming across his first psychedelic experience in Budapest Hungary in 2001, he moved to San Francisco California and started producing his own blend of full on morning psytrance. He has played in countless parties in Japan and USA including the famous burning man festival. His first release was with San Fransisco based label Vaporvent, a collaboration with Mekkanikka called Wherehouse Memories. Since then he has continued to develop his own distinct style. In 2004, he moved back to Japan where he started his live project as PURE PRESSURE and became active in the Japanese Psy-trance scene. Around 2005 he worked with a major Japanese record labels and released a joint album called Ga Shin Shou Tan with Theoreme from King Records in 2007, plus another compilation album called Killer Trance (which he worked as director for this project) on Dreamusic Japan in 2008. In the end of that year, Yohei joined Nutek Records and left for a European tour . There, he has numerous collaborations with CPU, Painkiller, Mekkanikka, MadMaxx, XSI, Madnetic. In 2009, the release of his first track wtih Painkiller from Nutek Records, and anoher collaboration track (Spread Your Wings remix) with DJ Rew from Farm Records in Japan was a global success. Late 2009, he started toget ready and concentrated on his 1st album, and in 2010 he finally came up with his debut album called PRESSURIZED. The groovy energy of his music can be described as a synthesis of two opposing forces- organic, crystal clear synth lines combined with the mechanical, tech-inspired kick, bass and drums. When the music starts and these forces weave into each other, the result is PURE PRESSURE. Look out for his sets at upcoming festivals and parties near you!

Info, Sound & Order:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html...ntextName=Pure Pressure&contextEntityId=54851

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