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Nov 2, 2010
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Hello guys!

I've been at Luminosity Beach Festival last year, found the mixes for download and I want now to know how you've recorded the sets?
Can you give me technical details, how you do that live-recordings?
I ask you, because I want to record also the sets on a party and I don't know how you get this good sound into a soundfile including the sound of the crowd and what technical tricks are behind this?

Cheers, 2-Lee
This is the easiest way to do this. I know this, thanks mate. :wink:
What I'm looking for, is how to record the whole thing of a live gig:
the music and the screaming and shouting crowd in good quality without overdriven sound? Like the sets of Luminosity Beach Festival 2010, as an example.
You need an extra mic for the crowd recording and
take ableton or any other software that can record multiple inputs at the same time.
So you route the mixer output + the crowd noise into the laptop with ableton and
have the 2 sound streams synced ;)
That would be best way for me because you can an also edit the recording after the event, lowering volumes, adding fx and stuff like that.
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Thank you for the tips!
And where should I position the mic? Where is the best location for it?
And what mic do you use for this?
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Thank you for your good answers. That helped me much!
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