Quincy Weigert - The Red Room EP [Mondo Records]


Feb 14, 2011
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1. The Red Room

2. In A World Of My Own

Quincy Weigert opens his 2016 account on Mondo Records with two more big room club destroyers, forming his brand new 'The Red Room' EP.

Kicking off with the 'The Red Room' its a big and ballsie number with its chunky groove, hypnotic vibes and deep bass warbles. Quincy sure knows how to craft big room club monsters and comes up with the goods once more.

On the flip we have 'In A World Of My Own', which continues in the same vein 'The Red Room' left off, adding more beef and filthy electronic vibes to the package.

Two jaw dropping cuts here from Quincy Weigert, do not miss!

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