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R U Afraid Of Hard Dance


Jul 13, 2010
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R U Afraid Of Hard Dance

1) Rainer K - Static (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]
2) J Rogers - Seductive (Anima Remix) [Hyper Reality Records]
3) Deepack - Here's Johnny (Original Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
4) Hardmaster, Greidor Allmaster - High Flight (Powerclub Mix) [Eternal Sun Records]
5) Andrea Montorsi - 2night (Original Mix) [HTE Recordings]
6) The Sixth Sense, Tim Hidgem - More Or Less (Original Mix) [Hyper Reality Records]
7) Showtek - The Colour Of The Harder Styles (Original Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
8) Dana - Excuse Me (Original Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
9) Dance Fly Fx - Slayer Melody (Hard Mix) [Eternal Sun Records]
10) Mavrik, Costa Pantazis - Blitzkrieg (Criostasis & Dj Pawel C Remix) [Metamorph Recordings]
11) Sky Rider - No Time For More Dreams (Rude Version) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
12) Dj Michael - Let's Go (Original Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
13) Dj Nosta 2 Larue - Cherokees (Original Mix) [Publiciti]
14) F8 - Nostalgia (Noath Remix) [Immortal Noise Recordings]
15) Maly - Madhouse (Original Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
16) Joey Riot & Toxic - Bomb The Bass (Original Mix) [Ourstyle Recordings]
17) 2pac feat. Dr Dre - California Love (Isaac Remix)