Relaunch - Mindcrawlers EP


Sep 14, 2006
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Relaunch - Mindcrawlers EP [HYM014]



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Relaunch - Mindcrawlers EP // Hyline Music [HYM014]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: May 02 2011
Label: Hyline Music

1 Relaunch - Mindcrawlers
2 Relaunch - From Dark To Light

German producer Relaunch made his production debut in January of 2010 with his remix of Ozgur Ozkan's 'Wait and Wonder' for Jetlag Digital.

He's been on a constant ascend upwards ever since with a string of remix bombs for Hyline Music, Mistiquemusic and Jetlag Digital. Relaunch has now become one of the most sought after remixers in the pure progressive house scene. His original productions however are few and far between and with only four in the last 15 months the progressive undergound is salivating for new Relaunch material. With that said Carsten Million's Hyline Music is pleased to present Relaunch's first EP of 2011 entitled 'Mindcrawlers'. The title cut gets the EP off to a rocking start. It's stripped to the bone with punishing beats before the airy pads surround you and the razor sharp synths begin tearing the air. Expect to see your dancefloor moving in unison with this incredible infectious force. As the sounds open up the energy sky rockets accordingly towards the breakdown where an unconventional but still highly emotional melodic interlude puts the finishing touches on a gargantuan peak time rocker.

As the second track 'From Light To Dark' gets underway you're hit with a wave of rolling bass, filtered noise and some deadly panning electronics for a truly menacing sound. As the soft rhythmic stabs enter and begin bouncing off each other the groove is both tenacious and dynamic. The drop is laced with soulful vocal wails and heavily processed vocal snips which make way for the ominous yet hope inspiring chords that hover above. Relaunch has really taken it one step further on this EP and reinvented himself to an extent; it's his crowning achievement thus far in an already highly regarded discography.

Presstext: Mitch Alexander
Mastering: Eric Sneo
c&p 2011 Hyline Music

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