Rocky Mountain High L (Blast From The Past Special)

DJ Gothos

Jun 2, 2014
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For your consideration on airing on AH.FM ----


Trance submission -- Rocky Mountain High L (Blast From The Past Special)

Celebration of the 50th episode of Rocky Mountain High Radio (I apologize upfront … there are some pops and ticks in the mix … but happens with vinyl’s)


Been mixing, building and mashing 140+bps tracks for approx. 10-11 years. Play live GM venues locally when requested be it PSY, Progressive, Trance and whatever in between. Have also had live airing of shows on streaming radio stations as well.

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The submission details:

Rocky Mountain High L (Blast From The Past Special)

01. DJ Gothos - Intro - (Michael Boddicker - Buckaroo Banzai Fanfair - DJ Gothos Club Edit) (1984) [No Label]
02. Yahel - Open Your Mind (Original Mix) (2000) {Avanti]
03. The Visions Of Shiva - How Much Can You Take (Physical Mix) (1987) [MFS]
04. Dance 2 Trance Feat. Linda Rocco - Power Of American Natives (1992) [Mato Music]
05. Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino (Original Mix) (1998) [RGB Records]
06. Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Original Mix) (1998) [Platipus Records]
07. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Original Mix) (1993) [Eye Q Records]
08. Eat Static - Gulf Breeze (Original Mix) (1994) [Planet Dog]
09. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (Original Mix) (1994) [Attack Records]
10. Dave Swayze - Last Flight To Paris (Original Mix) (2000) [Yeti Records]

Track length; 59:30

Track link --

(file is on a host that doesn't do well streaming --- best to download first or you'll get stream drop outs -- right click and "Save Page As")

Enjoy! And thanks again for the consideration.
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