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Jun 3, 2013
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Trance music is growing strong in Russia. Among the new wave of producers and DJs, Roman Messer is a one to keep an eye on - the fresh talent has already shown what he's capable of, with his track "Come Home" getting featured on Roger Shah's renowned "Magic Island" compilation, "Suanda" receiving a remix from Aurosonic and spun by DJs like Paul van Dyk and Markus Schulz, and his gigs rocking the clubs. He's got lots of plans for the future - and starting his own label, Suanda, is a part of making those plans come true. As the history of Suanda Music label is being written as we speak, Roman presents the first chapter of it in the form of a mix compilation - Suanda History vol. 1.

Gathering 14 gems from his fellow producers and of course from his own label, Roman takes you on a vocal trance journey from progressive to melodic uplifting trance, smoothly mixed together into one solid piece. Featuring works from Aurosonic, Erick Strong, Ange, In Progress, Aimoon, Adam Navel and many others - and, of course, from Roman Messer himself - this disc brings forth the best in vocal and melodic trance from Russia and all around the world. With Suanda History vol. 1, Roman showcases his label and his own music and sets foot for 2014, with ambitious - but totally feasible - plans of conquering the trance scene with what he's got in store.

01.Offshore Wind & Roman Messer feat. Ange - Suanda (Aurosonic Intro Progressive Mix)
02.1Touch - Here I Go (Adam Navel Remix)
03.Roman Messer feat. Ange - Love Around The World (Original Mix)
04.Sean Delloy - Illusion (Original Mix)
05.In Progress - Andromeda (Erick Strong Remix)
06.Sean Delloy - Space Odyssey (Original Mix)
07.Roman Messer - Cheboksary (Nick Sparkle Remix)
08.Erick Strong & Eskova - Another Day Of Life (Turn Remix)
09.Alekzander & Julia Lav - Like A First Time (Original Proud Mix)
10.In Progress & Artyom Aery - Alive (Aimoon Remix)
11.Matrick feat. Ange - Eclipse (Club Mix)
12.Max Rise & Roman Messer - The Last Kiss (Original Mix)
13.Ark Planet - Midnight Way (Original Mix)
14.Roman Messer - Come Home (NoMosk Remix)

Release date on Beatport: Nov 11 (out now!), in all other stores: Nov 25. Also available on physical CD!

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