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Santerna Artist Album- 2nd Single: Around Again


Mar 5, 2007
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SANTERNA presents the second single from his full-length album, with "AROUND AGAIN" featuring MARCIE. Progressive and electro remixes courtesy of DAMIEN S and TOM NOIZE complement the downtempo original version.

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Around Again

oh, don't you feel it coming
the world it spins our time away
let's go back to beginnings
can we return to where we came?

the things we lost, the things we found
oh, it all comes around
the things we lost, the things we found
it comes around, it comes around

all comes round again...

after the pain is gone
after the day is done
after you've seen the world and it's all been won

after the pain is gone
when it's all been done
after you've reached your goals and you've had your fun

you will come home....

all comes round again...