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Schodt - Darkness | Light (Artist Album) [Silk Royal]


Aug 7, 2006
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Silk Royal is overjoyed to present Schodt's "Darkness | Light", the veteran Danish phenom's first full-length artist album. A dear friend and original core artist of Silk Music since the label's inception, Schodt continues to broaden his artistic range and transcend genre boundaries between House, Progressive, Trance, & Breaks. An artist that has always strived to incorporate new styles and techniques in his work, Schodt continues to dazzle fans with the diversity of his sound, while never failing to infuse each composition with lush atmospheres, radiant melodies, and inspiring arrangements. Schodt's 10-track album is Silk Royal's most ambitious and eagerly anticipated artist release to date.

The "vintage" opener "You're Brighter Than The Sun" affirms that Schodt is still a master craftsman of uplifting soundscapes, soaring above feel-good grooves. It is followed by the album's first single, "April", which not only includes a variety of captivating vocal stutter chops and anthemic chords, but also gut-busting wobble bass effects in the break. The trance-flavored "Faster Than Light", "The Fifth Element", and "Accelerate" showcase emotive, sun-kissed chord progressions and driving grooves. Schodt delivers his finest example of "progressive breaks", a genre of which he is widely considered a pioneer, with the titular "Darkness Into Light", a song that will also be released as a single (including a remix by Shingo Nakamura) in the months ahead. Another standout in this style is "Angel No. 8", which includes the ethereal vocals of Schodt's longtime collaborator Aida Fenhel. The penultimate track, "The One", takes a more contemplative, but no less poignant approach to breaks. In the album's concluding moments, we are met with the romantic progressive house balled "First Love", as well as the cinematic, richly evocative downtempo closer "Dreams Collide".

Schodt, an exceedingly talented and decorated ambassador of melodic, emotive, and sophisticated electronica for nearly a decade, joins us in inviting you on a journey through "Darkness | Light".

Cat#: SILKA006
Beatport release date: October 28th, 2013
iTunes release date: November 11th, 2013
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Schodt - You're Brighter Than The Sun (Original Mix)
02 Schodt - April (Original Mix)
03 Schodt - Faster Than Light (Original Mix)
04 Schodt - The Fifth Element (Original Mix)
05 Schodt - Darkness Into Light (Original Mix)
06 Schodt - Accelerate (Original Mix)
07 Schodt - Angel No. 8 (Original Mix)
08 Schodt - First Love (Original Mix)
09 Schodt - The One (Original Mix)
10 Schodt - Dreams Collide (Original Mix)
11 Schodt - The Difference In You (iTunes Bonus Track)

Artist Info:
Schodt: http://soundcloud.com/schodt

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