Sensation White - SVD - Youtube

Wow, how coincidental, my signature two days ago was "Prog & Tech Trance ftw" have some nice taste, my friend :D

Anyways, about the track...sounds almost like megashira at the end, but thats not it
soliquid - music is for rich people (mat zo remix)
haha:p yeah nice taste^^

about the tune: nope it's not megashira, sander started gis set with this tune and this melody was not only at the end:)

edit: Magik, Im gonna check this out:) will post in few minutes:)
on 2nd listen sounds like he might have made his own edit, or pitched it up....but thats certainly the track
yeap that's right:)thank You so much:)
it;s pitched up as far as I hear;) no edit on it:)