Serge - AfterHours.FM Demo Set


Dec 30, 2006
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Hi everybody, my name is Alex, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Romania. I'm into trance and my love for edm is what got me into mixing sets about a year ago. Trance is my passion and I always give 100% when making my sets because i try to be my biggest critic. I think that over the past year I've learnt a lot about the art of mixing and being able to play my sets to listeners all over the world is what made me decide to send this set to AfterHours.

This is a demo set i've made especially for AH and if you guys like it, i do hope it gets aired in the near future. It's mostly made up of new tunes but i always like to use one or two classics in my sets and some less known tracks, just to spice things up and make it interesting for the listener. I'd say the mixing is pretty spot on allround and the tracks flow well together but I'll leave that for you to decide.

The set is 56:31 minutes long.


01. Aurosonic - Memories
02. Above & Beyond - Liquid Love (Tongue Mix)
03. Rico Soarez & Andrew Bennet - Light Of Hope
04. Solar Stone - Solarcoaster
05. Signalrunners - Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Remix)
06. Mr.Sam Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Split (Aly & Fila Remix)
07. Daniel Kandi - Child
08. Breakfast - Drunk In The Grass At Sunset
09. NorthStar - Passion

I'm looking forward to feedback and maybe even an air date. :)
Please do enjoy.

Download Link:
Interesting. Ill take a listen soon. TY
Downloading now. Sorry i had a busy time :P:
Its quite a nice set.
nice enough for a show?

We have many ppl wanting a show. Slots are pretty full already. And some more good producers are having their show in the nearby future..We will be in contact if we have a spot free for you.

Beside that, feel free to join the forums and ofcourse dont forget to tune in :)