Sied van Riel - Rielism 113 on AH.FM 06-01-2014

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Jul 27, 2007
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Sied van Riel
Sied van Riel
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Real Name: Sied van Riel

In Groups: Simadith Project

Genres: Electronica / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ & Producer


Tracklist: pending


Sied van Riel - Rielism 113 on AH.FM 06-01-2014.mp3

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Geert Huinink & Sied van Riel - Minimal Symphony

whoahah what I missed this -- gotta look for it now

found it

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NIICE, want this ID

going to the buy list

edit: well with dub-electro remix of it :LMAO:
whoah this ID-ID got way too trousey - good start but now all trouse

indeed, mix up
but like I edited my original:

"edit: well with dub-electro remix of it :LMAO: "
don't like this electro part of it -- too trousey -but the melody that starts with it is very pure -- maybe from Shogun or a new Sied track
he should release two version one for the trouse fans and the dub remix (take out the electro parts) for his trance fans