Sied van Riel - Rielism 114 on AH.FM 13-01-2014

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Jul 27, 2007
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Sied van Riel
Sied van Riel
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Real Name: Sied van Riel

In Groups: Simadith Project

Genres: Electronica / Progressive / Trance
Profile: DJ & Producer



01. Anry - Serene Sky [ENHANCED PROGRESSIVE]
02. Wrechiski - Karneval [MONSTER TUNES]
03. Jason Ross - Burma [MONSTER TUNES]
04. Eximinds - Phoenix [ASOT]
05. Sied Van Riel feat. Adina Butar - 8 Decades (Vocal Mix) [BLACK HOLE]
06. LeLe Troniq vs. John Evans & Dyme - Stage One
07. Bogdan Vix - Providance
08. Tangle & Mateusz - Omega [LANGE]
09. Farid - Sungaze [DIGITAL SOCIETY]
10. ReOrder - Gemini (Adam Ellis Remix) [MONSTER DIGITAL]
11. Starparty - I'm In Love (Sneijder Remix)
12. Photographer - Night Lights [WHO'S AFRAID OF 138]
13. Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin [ANJUNABEATS]


Sied van Riel - Rielism 114 on AH.FM 13-01-2014.mp3

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amazing set 1! that last track was great too Adam Ellis remix of Gemini too

and that old classic - "love me too"
what super 8 and tab track is this one

@Nadia -- the track before this super 8 and tab track was -- Photographer - Night Lights
so that was Super 8 and Tab - Helsinki Scorching nice classic -- just forgot the name of the track

nice classic!