Signalrunners - Aria Epica [Anjunabeats] - ANJ-074

Ry Brooks

Aug 7, 2006
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Signalrunners - Aria Epica [Anjunabeats] - ANJ-074

Signalrunners is the brain child of Alan Nimmo & Andrew Bayer, and the transatlantic project started 3 years ago, with Alan hailing from Scotland and Andrew from the USA. They return to the project fresh from recent success with Team SR – Leaving London.
You will probably best remember Signalrunners from the track ‘Love Theme Dusk’ released on Armind, which was co-produced with Mike Foyle and received mass success allover the world, along with excellent remixes from Foyle himself & Airbase, and a track remixed even now by a lot of up and coming producers.

Bart Claessen has taken a harder edge lately production wise. His earlier productions like under the guise of Bartezz, were cheesier commercial hits. Tracks like On The Move & Infected were undeniably euro dance hits for him never the less, but now on the tech/trance side of the fence, he really comes into his own in my opinion, with tracks like Playmo and When The Morning Comes being huge in 05’ and 06’ respectively. His remixes aswell have been successful, Bart has remixed for the likes of Ferry Corsten, Public Domain, and Chocolate Puma.

1. Original mix

Firstly, wow! This track blew me away, its not often I say this either. The production is so tight, it flows beautifully along at a steady pace, and the atmospheric sound is the best I’ve heard in a long time. When the breakdown streams in, your hit with the dubbed echo of gorgeous melodies fading in and out holding the track, and then a perfect guitar riff breaks through. The track builds back up with some breaks percussion and hammers back in, everything in its right place.

Already featured on the Anjunabeats Volume Four compilation and no other than A State Of Trance with Armin Van Buuren, this should and I hope will be a sure fire hit.

2. Bart Claessen remix

Solid as always, but this time his remix is quite a bit different to his recent productions. Usually on the harder edge, the first few bars of the track sound no different, and you kind of wait for the big acid crunk sounds to kick in…. but not this time. Instead this sounds more of a Gabriel & Dresden (at their best) sounding track, low filtered elements give the track nice atmosphere and its quite a funky sound. The breakdown is where the big difference lies, the techy elements fade out and that riff, this time on a detuned guitar, blends in once again beautifully. The sweet sounding raise of another melody, fakes, builds again, and kicks in. Brilliant.

With such a strong remix to boot, this release is sure to be strong indeed.