Silk Digital :: Soundprank - Burner [SILK042]


Aug 7, 2006
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One of the great stories in progressive last year was the dramatic rise of Soundprank, who now is recognized by fans and fellow producers alike as one of the most gifted artists in the genre. Known for his sweeping compositions, which typically feature poignant piano themes and swirling, lush atmospheric textures, the incredibly talented Canadian artist does not disappoint with "Burner." The Original Mix, which was one of the highlights of the Silk Royal Showcase 01 compilation, is one of Soundprank's more melodic works to date, with a gorgeous lead arpeggio motif. As the track begins to crescendo, resonant chords are added, which bring a swell of emotion to the tune. Also featured in this one is Soundprank's distinctive and evocative piano, which offers a more pensive "bridge" section, leading into the final, climactic drop.

Another breakout star of 2010 was Shingo Nakamura, the classically trained Japanese artist who, like, Soundprank, is known for his tremendously evocative, piano-centered progressive. With various top 100 Beatport Progressive House singles now under his belt, as well as a current Silk remix contest on his behalf currently underway ("Move On"), Shingo is quickly becoming a fan favorite in progressive house. His take begins on the deeper prog tip, with a muted bassline and a delicate lead synth chord progression. Yet, the payoff does not arrive until the breakdown, in which Shingo reveals his gorgeous piano variation on the lead melody. It's a heart-breaking, achingly beautiful theme, which seems to encapsulate the mood surrounding the recent devastation in his homeland.

Finally, Ukrainian artist Dapple Apple, who is quickly becoming one of Silk's top guns on both Silk Digital and our deeper 'Textures' division, offers a visionary 'reburn' interpretation. An ethereal atmosphere is set behind a techy rhythmic design, the combination of which creates an outer-wordly soundscape. A variety of synth stabs add to the midrange, as a sparkling arp begins to creep into the mix. In the main break, this crystalline arp "dances" on its own to awe-inspiring effect.

Cat#: SILK042
Release date: June 6th, 2011
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Soundprank - Burner (Original Mix)
02 Soundprank - Burner (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
03 Soundprank - Burner (Dapple Apple 'Reburn' Remix)


Ruben de Ronde (Statement!)
Soundprank on fire!

James Grant (Anjunabeats)
strong stuff :)

Jaytech (Anjunadeep)
Still original for me :)

Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Original we played before, Shngo mix is cool.

Royal Sapien (Fade, Frisky)
Great release!

Andy Moor (AVA)
nice stuff

Faskil (Frisky, Morphosis, Jetlag, Proton Music)
Original for me. :)

dPen (Hope, STM)
Original is nice!

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Another strong EP. I think original works best for me. Will support in our prog channel.

Jay Epoch (Proton Music, Particles)
An incredible release, Silk in top form.

Cressida (Euphonic)
Soundprank is one of my favorite proggers right now, lovely track!

Shawn Mitiska (Armada)
Original Mix is fantastic, already supported in Episode 16 of my podcast :D diggin Shingo's Mix as well!!!

Luke Porter (microCastle, Temporum)
The original is sublime, and I love Shingo's remix too.

Dinka (Unreleased Digital)
wow. something fresh..i like! very cool original mix, love that rhythm.

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Proton Music, GU)
Original is as always superbly produced. Remixers do a great job here though keeping up with a great original.

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Perfecto)
Really good package, especially the mellower and groovier Dapple Apple remix.

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Very nice! Specially Shingo Nakamura Remix :super: