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Silk Textures :: Bodytemp - Kalm (incl. Eelke Kleijn remix) [SILKTX013]


Aug 7, 2006
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Samples & Purchase: http://bit.ly/SILKTX013

Australian artist Approaching Black's sultry alter ego, Bodytemp, returns to Silk Textures with the sensual "Kalm," along with a more upbeat rendering from Dutch prog-deep magician Eelke Kleijn. Bodytemp's original represents one of our imprint's proudest moments - a truly "compositional" piece that features a wide variety of subtle, melodic hooks and evocative mood shifts. The track begins with a chilled beat, "moaning" vox effect, and heavily filtered and pitch-bent pad. Soon thereafter, a stabby lead chord is introduced, as well as soothing piano hook. In the main break, a classic-prog low-end pad sequence provides the foundation for a gorgeous arp.

Silk Textures welcomes elite international producer and DJ Eelke Kleijn for the one and only remix in the package. Head honcho of Outside The Box Music, as well as the artist behind myriad hit electronic records over the last 8 years, Eelke needs little introduction. From the very beginning, Eelke's take is a rhythmically dynamic gem: a looping chord sequence is slowly filtered into the mix early, as layers of groove are added. By the quarter turn, a distorted guitar hook has been added, as well as the signature low-end pads from the original. In the main break, we are treated to a might crescendo of the pads and lead chords, with beautiful, airy synth stabs soaring overhead.

Cat#: SILKTX013
Release date: March 1st, 2011
Genre: progressive house / deep house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport; Junodownload, Itunes (two months later)

01 Bodytemp - Kalm (Original Mix)
02 Bodytemp - Kalm (Eelke Kleijn Remix)


Flash Brothers (Agnosia)
Eelke klein remix we like

Andy Moor (AVA Recordings)
Eelke mix is cool, thanks

Menno De Jong
Like both mixes

dPen (Hope Recordings, Black Hole)
Both are nice!! will support

R-Tem (R-Tem, KOOQLA)
Eelke Kleijn Remix for me. Thanks!

Jaytech (Anjunadeep)
Eelke Kleijn Remix

Claes Rosen (GU, Unreleased Digital)
both mixes are massive

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto)
Eelke remix is so deep and satisfying. Will be supporting lots.

Gareth Emery (Garuda)
Nice package!

East Cafe
Top producers, outstanding versions of a beautiful track. One of the tastiest apples of the Silk tree... Thanks!

Ruben de Ronde (Armada)
Nice remix by Eelke!

For More Information:
http://facebook.com/SilkMusic >>> Facebook page
http://soundcloud.com/silkmusic >>> SoundCloud channel
http://twitter.com/SilkMusic >>> Twitter page
http://youtube.com/user/SilkMusicChannel >>> YouTube channel
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