Simon Patterson - We'll Smack (Victoria's Secret Cheeky Edit)

Vicky Wood

May 25, 2006
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Being a fan of both We'll See & Smack, I decided to make a cheeky little edit of them both...

Simon Patterson - We'll Smack (Victoria's Secret Cheeky Edit)
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As before, feel free to play in your sets if you wish
doing right now, thanks Vicky:grinning::hug:
This tune is AWESOME... Cool Edit!:choonalert:
Thanks, Vicky!

I grabbed both too :) I'll listen your show of yesterday soon ! (Couldn't make it to be there, y.)
would be awesome i guess :mml:


thx magik :grinning:
Smack is such an awesome tune! :) Nice work on this edit! :grinning:
My congratulations

Is amazing... as always :super:

greetings :wave:
Awesome cheeky edit Vicky! :mml:

I hope Armin gets the chance to play this choon on a future ASOT show :angel:
another great smashup from magik :grinning:

thnx :hug:
Pretty damn aewsome :D
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Fresh episode of my radioshow "The Theory Of Uplifting"! :)

Very good edit, Victoria!:choonalert:
Don't stop!:grinning:
Another mash up - thanks Victoria :D