Song ID, from 01-22-2011?


Jan 24, 2011
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Hey Peeps!

Can anyone help me ID a song from Saturday afternoon? I was driving around with friends all day and streaming AH.FM on my iPhone. This song was played from between noon - 17hr (5PM), Pacific Time.

It has some woman's vocals in it, and then there is either an Italian or Spanish acoustical guitar segment in. I have looked and looked for this song, and it is driving me crazy trying to find it. It's so-o-o-o-o-o light and airy!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, the shows during this time were Blank & Jones and the first 3 sets of the live broadcast (Shane Halcon, Menno de Jong and Rank1).

The tracklist for Blank & Jones is not posted yet, but the unofficial tracklists for the 3 other sets are here:

Maybe it helps you a bit. :)
Hi Squall,

Thanks for the reply. I listen to all the songs that were listed. None of them matched. We are talking 1200-1700hrs on Saturday the 22nd? The posts made reference to "22:00-23:00 Shane Halcon" and etc... but at the wrong times.
Hello :) 1200-1700hrs PST = 2100-0200 CET ?

Shane Halcon for example was aired 22:00-23:00 CET, which sould be 13-14 PST

The track is not in the tracklist? Maybe it is one of the ID's of Rank1 or it was a track played by Blank & Jones.

You can find a download link in the first post of the thread:

If you find the track in this set, then post a snippet on here.