Sos on these 2 IDs :P

DJ [IN]Head-Kay

Nov 26, 2007
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I got these two tracks in my head. Luckily both have some sort of lyrics to them. The first one is relativly new, but I can only remember a sample in it saying : "Montreal ..." , however the second has a bit more, it goes : "On the air with brian m" or something like that.

I know im not giving too much info here, but I would really appreciate it if you guys can pitch in and help. Cheerz.
lol got any samples to upload?
lol got any samples to upload?


Its just one of these experiences, where you hear them at a club, love em, play them over in your head, but just cant manage to get any info on them!!!

But in the one where he sais Montreal, the voice is a guy's deep voice, then he sais something like Nights after it, and its in the breakdown, these are the only two words in the whole song, its a house song, very melodic, ahhhh, i feel like im trying to explain a hazy dream to someone. :)
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