sound quality (mp3) plz help

Van Deka

Jun 26, 2006
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ok so i want to start playing live this summer
but im not sure sure how my mp3s will sound
most of them are over 300k(vinyl rips)
but i have some that are 128 and 192
how would those stack up
whats the standard if u wish to play mp3s
because i se increasing amounts of djs using laptops
and i rly need help on this issue because i rly wanna go real public with mp3s
I think if your playing in a public space, with concert quality speakers....320 is the minimum.

For internet releases...192.

128 is almost a no-no these days. The sound quality is very poor and everyone expects 192 to be the minimum now.
Dan said:
this readio is 128 :)

Streaming is different.
People are listening to it on their $30 pc speakers, or their $15 headphones.

For public/internet distribution (mp3 download) - 192 would be the minimum standard.
ah i see

but what does it sound like if u have a playing thats 192k
(i just rly want to know all of this stuff)
i think ideally we'd all like radio to be 320kbs since more and more people want a better experience with their high quality speakers/monitors but that costs money. With 192k on my behringers, they sound all mushy at high volumes since there are some frequencies taken out that make it clean cut (especially high ones). The lower you go, the more 'noisy' it gets so if you can, and i've seen download shops that do them, wave quality or 320k, the former being very expensive (£1.70 i've seen each).
You want to start playing live? If you're playing in clubs, the speakers will most likely be high on watts... and if you have a low quality track on a CDR that is for instance. 128Kbps, then it will not sound very good. What you will want is 192Kbps (not that bad but not too good either), and up. 320Kbps is the highest (which is studio quality), 256Kbps is also good. If you're using turntables then you won't have to worry about the vinyl's quality because every vinyl is mastered by sound engineers - and all of them are at it's best quality (320Kbps for example), so do not worry about the quality on vinyls.

Cheers buddy, hope this helps.

Dan said:
this readio is 128 :)
And Dan, the radio and a playing music live in a club with professional speakers are totally different.
Well that explains why streams sound like shit in my 200 and 500 headphones... LOL!