Sounds of Sunrise Episode 037 06-10-10 with NEON TIGER


Aug 27, 2008
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Hello AH.FaMily! Here was my last show on Sounds of Sunrise - it was for those who wake up early to get going or to just tune in to the beautiful sounds of progressive and trance!

Hope you enjoy - feedback is always appreciated :)

Cheers Ears,

Neon Tiger

Edison & Neon Tiger - Sounds of Sunrise 037 (2010-06-10).mp3
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Liked it, very good set :)
No tracklist?

hehe sorry was in a hurry :) here you go :)

Neon Tiger Portion :dance:

1 Mike Mikhjian - Clifton Beach
2 Ed Lee - Love Turtle - Original Mix
3 Tasadi_and_Mike_Mikhjian- Zeus_2010_(Zeus_Got_Loose_Remake)
4 Sol Noir Superstring - Nicky Romero Remix
5 Marco V, Khashassi Scenario feat. Khashassi - Revixed
6 Monogato Miami Vibe [Original Mix]
7 Setrise Lost (Original Mix)
8 Marco V, Mohawk Zero One - Original Mix
9 Matias Faint Last Breath (Heatbeat Original Mix)
10 Sergio Maldonado Back To Square One - Original Mix
11 Dash Berlin Feat. Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Dash Berlin 4 AM Mix)