Sounds Of The Summer Vol 3 - 2 Hour Summer 2013 Trance Promo

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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Back in 2006 I did a mix called 'Sounds Of The Summer'. That mix was very popular at the time which led to me getting my first ever gig. A few years after that I did volume 2 and now a few years after that, here is volume 3. The mix contrasts what has become my style over the years which is uplifting and powerful. It also captures the tunes which have really lit this summer on fire for me. It was also aired as part of the Crystal Clouds 10th Anniversary, I hope you enjoy it.

To download or stream, click the link below:

New World - Afterlife (Intro Mix) [Defcon Recordings]
Sulaco - Mnemonica (Original Mix) [Digitized Recordings]
Dreamy - Exodus (Sonny M Remix) [Digitized Recordings]
Santi Project - Black Angel (Original Mix) [Digitized Recordings]
Tangle - Mirage (Original Mix) [Edge EDM Records]
Con Phillips - Bogota (Ikerya Project Remix) [Digitized Recordings]
Paul Vinitsky & Jane Maximova - Save Me (MilamDo Twisted Mix) [Vendance Records]
Tasso - Live Rounds (Allen & Envy Remix) [D.MAX Recordings]
Sandeagle - The Battle (MilamDo Banging Remix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
Allen & Envy vs. Chris Cockerill - Acidic (Touchstone Banging Remix) [Digitized Recordings]
Arctic Moon & Paul Webster - Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix) [FSOE]
Kutay Pehlivan - Arcturus (Estigma Remix) [Trancefixion Digital]
Adam Ellis - Napalm Poet (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
James Kitcher & Glynn Alan - Eastern Pulse (Robbie Van Doe Remix) [D.MAX Recordings]
Matt Bowdidge - Still By Your Side (Adam Ellis Remix) [Mental Asylum]
Photographer - This Is Upstep (Estigma Remix) [Digitized Recordings]
G8 - Escape (Touchstone Remix) [TFB Records]
Touchstone - Excelsior (Original Mix) [Digitized Recordings]
Sash feat. Tina Cousins - Mysterious Times (Touchstone Remix) [Artist CDR]