Space Garden Session 019 /w NatLife (Ukraine Special)

Space Garden

Jul 4, 2006
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Hey everyone,

this month another very special guest set for me,
my good friend Gary Lise not only produce innovative and fresh sounds, he also is an upcoming DJ.

His mix his full of exclusives and own productions from ukraine 8)


Part 1: Lagrom
01. Wellenrausch - Euphoria Of The Waves [Redux CD-R]
02. Frase - Module One (Original Mix) [Eve]
03. 2-Trance & Moonforce - Just Few Words (Original Mix) [Emotive]
04. Daniel Kandi - Make Me Believe [Anjunabeats]
05. NR:32 - LMY (Aira Force Remix) [Conspiracy]
06. Super8 & DJ Tab - Suru (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
07. Sonic Division & Spychool - Crying Dew (N2O Remix) [Metallic]
08. Kamil Polner - Deflector [Expedition Music]
09. ID - ID [CD-R]
10. ID - ID [CD-R]
11. Neal Scarborough - Madagascar (Original Mix) [Captivating]
12. Mike Wind pres. Staircase - Oxygen Essential (Osip Remix) [CD-R]

Part 2: NatLife
01. Life In Streams - Uggly Things In A Pretty World (Original Mix) [Subtrax/Bonzai]
02. Keenan & Anderson - Devolution (Original Mix) [Navigation]
03. NatLife - Live In Obscurity (Norman & Foley Remix) [Realmusic CD-R]
04. Solar Project - Radial Emotion (Tragida Remix) [Daif]
05. Amex vs. Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (NatLife Remix) [Camouflage/Bonzai]
06. The Thrillseekers - New Life (Firestorm Remix) [CD-R]
07. Wellenrausch - Euphoria Of The Waves (original Mix) [Redux CD-R]
08. Conrad S. - Apologies (Original Mix) [Colorful CD-R]
09. Oxid Project - Before U Go (Likuida Remix) [Daif]
10. Sound Players - Thunderlight (original Mix) [Colorful CD-R]
11. NatLife - Asia (Original Mix) [Colorful CD-R]
12. Toltec - Afterglow (Dima Krasnik Remix) [CD-R]

both availeble on

also almost every previous episode should be there, with guests like DJ Kenji, Yaz, Sean Tyas, DJ Jerom, Emotional Horizons, Firestorm and many more ...

every kind of feedback welcome
hey Lars

i really love this my guestmix))..some very fresh tunes there...some exclusive etc

so i think who will load it - will be glad to hear and 4tunes marked as Made in Ukraine..




hey Lars, put the link on sets..(not mp3direct,just a link where pepz can find it!)