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Jun 27, 2006
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Well, i wanna buy...


so...uh what i wanna know is

Whats a good starter CDJ(cheap i mean)

and whats a good mixer(cheap!)

so yea, any help would be really appreciated!
Nothing really quite compares to Pioneer for the industry standard, at the moment.

If you really wanna check out some alternatives, I'd suggest the Denon CDJs with the rotating platter :D

As for mixer, that's not my main area of expertise, but I've been called a "Pioneer *****" more than once :D :D :D

The type of mixer you want really depends on your mixing style and how deep you really want each mix to be. For trance, check out ones with 4-band EQ's (high mid low-mid low), and for other less complex styles go with the standard 3-band EQ (high mid low). You don't really need to go spend a bunch of money on a Rane or Xone:92 mixer, since those are usually in clubs by default.

Just my $0.02 :)
Thank U, Ill look into this, but might buy the cdj, in the next .....2 years

yeah the industry standard
is rly expensive
but i meani currently found a rly good deal for some eqipment
and i think if u look around u can find a lot of stuff for cheap as well
this is what i want to get (sorta)[found this for u]
Dan said:
Let everyone in EA know about us :)

Hopefully ea will get more notice of afterhours.... I post my sets in the "EA mix squad section" every time ive played a set here! So hopefully some members check in there and notice afterhours aswell.... You can call it hide'ed promotion :D