Streaming AH on my Pocket PC 6.0?

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Dec 28, 2007
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I want to stream AH on my pocket pc and then connect to my car stereo. I have broad band connection and can get other channels to play with from WMP (version 10) but not this one.. Dose anybody have a solution for this.. Thanks..

i can stream AH on my pocket pc using gsplayer. in the menu, pick "open url" and enter the direct streaming url of your favorite relay, such as "".
Need a bit of help plz


Am trying to listen to the our streams from my cell phone, which is running Windows Mobile 6 Professional and has a Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for Pocket PC. But the problem is, no matter how I try, the streams wont play, if I type on the stream links ( say ) its taking me to the Shoutcast Admin page, if I try loading any of the playlists, its saying "The parameter is incorrect"

If anyone could tell me a solution.

An alternative is and Mundu radio, but I dont know if while playing it, would it interfere with incoming calls?

Thanks in advance! :smile1:

Edit: Forgot to mention that I am "connected" to the net on the first place using wi fi
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ya the wmp of windows mob cannot play those streams directly. i use gsplayer, works fine and does the job -> GreenSoftware
oh and it's free too :)
Thanks dfx :)

Just installed it and its working great! Now I can move all around ( in my house ) and listen to trance :super:
nice job dfx :p
did not know of that now i do :p
I downloaded the gsplayer but which URL should I use? When I used matter which URL I use the player cannot connect. I can listen to other mobile enabled radio stations on my phone without a problem!
I'm running Windows Mobile 6.1, and the GSplayyer doesn't work for me if I open URL:
If there a different url I should try?
never mind, found it. or equivalent is working fine thru GSplayer.
Try this...

Make sure you are connected to the internet by first opening IE. Then go to gsplayer and use this link:

I also record the radio station and then copy 12 hours of music on a CD to listen to in the car. I use Windows Media Encoder (free from Microsoft) to record audio. I then use Free Mp3 Converter (by Koyotesoft) to convert the WMA to MP3. This is the only converter I found that can do the job. All other converters can't handle the huge 12 hour WMA file.

Good luck!
thx pilotboston, I just download the ah sets from the site instead of recording them live.
I'm use GSplayer on my Cell phone and it works great, sometimes I have bandwidth issues with the 192k stream so:
1) for 192k stream
2) for 96k stream

Note that the AH.FM codecs are very robust so Dan's 96k sounds like 192k, and his 192k, sounds like 256k compared to many other streams.
merged the two threads with the same topic...
Thanks dfx ... actually it was bad in my part to have opened the second thread without checking first.
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