Stu Patchitt - Kinetik Energy Jan EP 06 on AH.FM 11-01-2018

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Stu Patchitt


01. Phanatic - Crystal Clear (Original Mix) [Bounce Recordings]
02. Icedream - Digital Flow (Original Mix)
03. Spectro Senses - Crystal Planet (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes Records]
04. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Sean Tyas Prydz Mix)
05. Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes (John Askew Mix)[WAO138]
06. BLoodhound Gang - Dimes (Sean Tyas Mix)[Jimmy Franks Records]
07. Will Atkinson - Awake (WAIO mix) [VII]
08. Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones [VII]
09. Symolic - Wake Up (Edit)
10. Chris Schweizer - The Wolf (Extended Edit)[WAO138]
11. Chris Schweizer - Atom (140 Edit) [WAO138]
12. Black XS - Black Fiction [Aria Digital]
13. Johan Gielen - Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Mix)[High Contrast]
14. Sean Tyas - Turbo (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
15. Alex Di Stefano - Escape from the Past (Andres Sanchez Mix)[Outburst]

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reach out and touch faith.... :music:
Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes (John Askew Remix) :super: :super: Great rework from John A. :)
bloodhound gang - dimes (sean tyas remix) :music:
One of the best tracks of Chris Schweizer - ATOM :super: :super: :super:
Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Remix) :super:
Sean Tyas - Turboooooo :super: :super:

Great selection of track in this set!!! :bravo: