Sunlounger "Another day on the Terrace"


Feb 5, 2007
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Sunlounger album is out on iTunes! :super:

Sunlounger "Another day on the terrace"
CD #1 - Chill
[01] Another Day On The Terrace (Album Mix)
[02] In & Out
[03] White Sand
[04] Losing Again
[05] A Balearic Dinner (feat. Seiscuerdas)
[06] Crawling (feat. Zara)
[07] Aguas Blancas
[08] Keep Our Ring
[09] Hierbas Ibicencas
[10] Lounging By The Sea
[11] Shine On Me
[12] Lumumba

CD #2 - Dance
[01] Another Day On The Terrace (Intro Club Mix)
[02] In & Out (Original Mix)
[03] Hierbas Ibicencas
[04] Crawling (feat. Zara)
[05] White Sand (DJ Shah’s Original Mix)
[06] Keep Our Ring
[07] A Balearic Dinner (feat. Seiscuerdas)
[08] Losing Again
[09] Lounging By The Sea
[10] Aguas Blancas (DJ Shah’s Original Mix)
[11] Shine On Me

Here you can listen to samples & buy

i've just listened to the samples and i can say: wow... this is absolutely amazing :wub:
Balearic Overload!

Bought the album this wednesday, and it's totally superb! :wow::wow::wow::wow:

It's a balearic overload! Simply every track is great! I rate this 10/10 :super:
Excellent chill out album, DJ Shah is destined to be king of chillout...but he has a ways to go to become king of trance (his songs are very trancy, just not hard or loud).