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May 1, 2007
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Hey there,
Thank you guys for the effort spent in making this Portal / Community happen, wish you the best of luck and im here to help and contribute in anyway to make this place grow.

Also a big Thanks for the listners that downloads and rate our sets.

Below is the poster for my set UNbreakABLE which is featured on After Hours Middle East Sets.
UNbreakABLE - System. S
Its been a while since i have not recorded a set, I have been listening to Breaks for the past year and following up on Dj's and Producers for this genre and im crazily in love with Breaks and Progressive, in my last trip to London i took advantage of their music resources to enrich my knowledge in this music and to be utterly aware of its assembly and feelings and now I can say i know enough to have my own mixed set and in the near future be able to produce my own tracks.
This set is one of my favorite, its new and very rich, very upbeat blended with emotions, the mix sessions open for up to 2 minutes and i was experimenting with the last 2 tracks, mix them alternately, one onto the other till the end, its simply rich, if i would recommend something, its to listen to it LOUD...
Welcome to my world.




UNbreakABLE - 128K - 50mb
UNbreakABLE - 80K - 30mb
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