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t4e - Deep PSY(chosis)


Dec 24, 2006
Reaction score
01 – ID-ID
02 – Christopher Lawrence-Gotham (jay selway and magnus remix)
03 – Anton Chernikov presents crystal verge-Kerudu
04 – Christopher Lawrence Nicholas Bennison-Scorcher (Miika Kuisma Remix)
05 – Sas – Comin on (mark herry vs james allan)
06 – Mad Contrabender – Illegal hardware
07 – ID-ID
08 – Iridium-New Day (homely)
09 – Mental Skragma – Big Ttasty
10 – ID-ID
11 – ID-ID

and moving on to Psy :)...this was a nice challenge for me, as it is quite different than mixing Trance :music:
Simply Awesome Psy Mix DJ t4e! :super:

the transitions were jaw dropping good :wow: :wow:

i also love the added touch of hard trance included ur psy mix to keep the energy going on and on. :mml:

overall rating for me: MASSIVE!! :bow:

keep up the great work hun! :hug:

OMG A-M, thank you so much for your great feedback :hug:

i was/am quite satisfied with the result, but i honestly didn't expect such an awesome reaction to it :)

:mml: :mml: :mml: