TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird [DEF023]

Above the Clouds

Feb 17, 2009
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1. Original Mix
2. Sergey Shabanov Remix
3. James Williams Soaring Mix
4. Function C presents Keelin Temple Remix
5. Magdelayna's 'Final Flight' Chilldown Remix

Sergey Babich and Dmitry Buzin have been getting themselves noticed more and more throughout the trance scene over the past year, with a number of highly regarded originals and remixes. Here they team up with Kosov Valeriy for a collaborative effort "Flying Bird" for a massive uplifting anthem!

The original mix is an upbeat, melodic affair with a breakdown fuelled by synths and pianos, an epic hands-in-the-air affair.

Sergey Shabanov has also been winning the plaudits recently, and ahead of the release of several originals on Defcon is his Flying Bird remix. A chunkier, bass-driven affair that builds and builds and doesn't disappoint.

New to Defcon is UK-based producer James Williams, who offers us a classically-tinged interpretation of the track that kicks off into a banging crescendo and raises the roof. Expect more from him on Defcon this year!

Also making his first Defcon appearance ahead of his forthcoming original EP is Irish producer Function C, under his Keelin Temple alias. A darker, tougher remix sure to destroy the later-night dancefloors.

Rounding things off nicely with another of his wonderful chilldown remixes is UK-based producer Magdelayna. A lush, melodic remix to satisfy those of the ambient persuasion.


TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (Original Mix)
TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (Sergey Shabanov Remix)
TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (James Williams Soaring Mix)
TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (Function C presents Keelin Temple Remix)
TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (Magdelayna's 'Final Flight' Chilldown Remix)

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Okay, imho, this will be entering the classics.... seriously.. :super::super:

I really love it, and I should find a job soon too... :lol::lol:
Great job...