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Team 140 - The Trance Empire 204 on AH.FM 24-01-2016

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Jul 27, 2007
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Team 140


01. Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn - Ashes (Cold Rush Remix) [How Trance Works]
02. Witness45 feat. Jess Morgan - Lightspeed (Skyline Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
03. Riialto - Ave Of Stars [Discover]
04. Miroslav Vrlík - So Slowly [Alter Ego]
05. UDM - Ultra [Redux]
06. ReOrder - Way Finding Around (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
07. Jordan Suckley - Who Cares? (Lostly Remix) [Damaged]

The Trance Empire Track Of The Week
08. First Sight & Ben Stone - Captcha [Monster]

09. NX Trance - Xcite (NXT Techlifting Mix) [Mysterious Station]
10. Robert Vadney - Broken Home (Guitar Mix) [Edge EDM]

The Trance Empire Pole Position Track
11. Arctic Moon - Data Ghost [FSOE]

12. Sean Mathews - Atlantic [Extrema]
13. Ultimate - Amulet [Infrasonic]


Team 140 - The Trance Empire 204 on AH.FM 24-01-2016.mp3

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MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :good: all ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by C!C@

TL:Team 140

:: Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn - Ashes (Original Mix) | How Trance Works ::

I have fallen too deep
Even dreams of you won’t let me in
Don’t worry for me
Because my eyes are closed, they cannot see

I can feel it shaking
It’s breaking through
I can break free in my dreams
Here I can see everything
Feel everything

And if you can’t find me
The wind’s already taken me home
Taken me home to you
And if you can’t find me
I’ll be in the ashes, in the ashes
Rising far beyond
... The flame

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danmark_ori, DJ Gothos
Here we go people, #TTE204 is on the airwaves.

A nice chunky start this week with a hot remix from Cold Rush

Trk 1 Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn - Ashes (Cold Rush Remix) [How Trance Works]
P.s. start at 134bpm this week but we'll pick it up quickly ;)
This vocal has so many qualities,just had to play it again

Trk 2 from earlier this month

Witness45 ft. Jess Morgan - Lightspeed (Skyline Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]

Who's afraid of 138bpm?

Trk 3 Riialto - Ave Of Stars [Discover] taking us up a notch