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Teknical Ikon - Hi Speed - Polena Records


Feb 19, 2010
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PLN065 Teknical Ikon - Hi Speed - Polena Records


Cat N. PLN065
Date Release: 2010.10.30
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Label : Polena Records
Artist: Teknical Ikon
Single: Hi Speed
Country: Spain
Genres: Psy Trance, Full on

Track Name:

Shamanical Min 8.32
Fatality Chaos Min 7.39
Amnesia Min 7.58

EP description:

The First Ep Album published by Teknical Ikon. The label manager of Dinsha Prana Records and Psytrance music producer. After have edited and published with great succesful compilations such as : Va Sonika_Selected by Teknical Ikon, Va Inside_Comp, by Teknical Ikon, Va Digital Frequencies and Va Noche Cristal Azul, all of them out now in the biggest online music stores. Now is Back with ¨HI SPEED¨, a great Ep that contains 3 incredible and powerful tracks with the unique full on morning trance music of Teknical Ikon. As it´s name says, these new Psytrance proposal leave us feeling full of energy on dance floors, dancing, jumping and tripping. With a BPM range from 145 and 147, ¨Shamanical¨, ¨Fatality Chaos¨ and ¨Amnesia¨ are an amazing mix between powerful beats, hard bass lines, incredible sequences full of energy, with crazy tones and electro touches, taking us on a Psychedelic trip at ¨Hi Speed¨. In brief, a great Ep Album that you cannot miss it.

Artist Bio:

Christian Monroy a.k.a Teknical Ikon_Psytrance music producer and Label Manager of Dinsha Prana Records in Barcelona, Spain. He has edited and published several great and succesful releases under Dinsha Prana Recs such as : Va Noche Cristal Azul, Va Digital Frequencies, Va Sonika_Selected by Teknical Ikon, Va Inside_Compiled by Teknical Ikon and his first EP Hi Speed. (All of them available in the biggets online music stores). On each release he has to published some incredible tracks such as : ¨Corleone¨, ¨Magnetik¨, ¨Shamanical¨, ¨Fatality Chaos¨, ¨Amnesia¨, ¨LSD Perspective¨ and ¨Massive Spectation¨. Teknical Ikon i a new and innovator Live Act with a BPM range from 145 and 147, that travel through the melodic Psychedelic Full on Morning Trance, loaded of powerful and groovy bass lines, full on leads and amazing and fresh sounds with a lot of marked rhythms. Making a mixing of madness beats with incredible sequences full of energie, deep atmospheres and creazy and electro touches. A unique and incredible Psytrance music experience for everyone who loves the hi quality of production and sound in your ears, ready to rock any dance floor around the world... Nowaday he´s working on new releases to be published under Dinsha Prana Recs, and some collaboration with Polena Records (Italy) and Cosmogenesis Recordings (England).

Enjoy to listen...!!!

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Digital Shops:

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