Tempo Giusto - Blacksmith (with Mark Sherry Remix)


Apr 6, 2010
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*Blacksmith selected #1 in 10 Must Hear Trance tracks of Week 32 in Beatport!*
*Armin van Buuren: Perfect tune to blow your speakers!*
*Mike Koglin: Massive!
*Jordan Suckley: Love it!*
*Dennis Sheperd: Pretty cool."
Other supporters include Andy Moor, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andi Durrant, Claudia Cazacu, Dennis Sheperd, DJ Orion, Kaeno, M.I.K.E, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Pledger, Mike Saint-Jules, Suzy Solar, Talla 2XLC, Bissen, Denzo, DJ Raneem, Jusha, Karybde & Scylla, Lodos, Madwave, Maison & Dragen, Marcus White, Neryko, Ozzy xpm, T.O.M, Type-41, Wandii & Andy C etc.


Dodger. Gemini. Scalar. Tick Tock. The chart topping singles are numerous and 2013 will become even more exciting - Tempo Giusto is releasing his 2nd album 'From The Core'. Featuring a horde of fresh unheard works and collaborations with some of today's coolest producers, From The Core is bound to turn heads all around the world on radios and dance floors.

"Blacksmith" is the last out of four album singles. The previous singles having portrayed more of Tempo Giusto's melodic side, "Blacksmith" hits the listeners with an uncompromising tech sound straight from the core. The original mix is built on a rugged bass-percussion section and dark fx noise introducing a catchingly blunt lead theme. A short melodic climax returns another heavy tech sequence. The Mark Sherry remix throws in a similarly rough tech sound with a different kind of drive and witty theme variation. The vigorous development and the parade of craftily laid miniature tech motifs result in a massively intense and cool remix.


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Track list:
1. Blacksmith (Original Mix)
2. Blacksmith (Mark Sherry Remix)
Catalogue: ER145
Release date: 05-08-2013
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