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The Adult Trance Lovers Club


Feb 29, 2008
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members only!!!


if you have joined this social group http://forum.ah.fm/group.php?groupid=7 ( you must be 28+ ), this is our board to talk to adult themes...no not sexual content...but themes who are interesting and need an adult meaning and mind....

so here we go with the first theme....

what you think about your job, why did you choose, how is it and what would you change if you could


and only adult conversation pls...no spam, no other themes...
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Nobody has a story to tell :wow:

so a other Maintheme:p

What are your Hobbys alongside Trance Music and AH.FM:grinning:

so me starts

My favorite hobby alongside Trance is Tabletop Strategy Battle Games. I like the combination of modelling, painting miniatures and playing with friends real epic battles like the Lord of the Rings etc.

Alongside this is also my current job. I sell those things and im Store Manager in one off the biggest Games Workshop Stores in Europe...so i made my Hobby my job...:grinning::grinning:

Than i like to do graphic design, promotionthings and planning...also i do lots of things in my Garden / Backyard...me and my wife always doing something new in our garden...so every year the face of that changes:wow:

so now YOU!!!!!!!!