The Best Of Mondo Records 2016 OUT NOW!


Feb 14, 2011
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2016 has been another incredible year for Mondo Records. Our goal this year has been to sign the cream of the crop and continue to eek out those gems and new and inspiring talent.

When you look back at the plethora of fantastic releases we have had over the last 12 months, we think you'll agree, we have successfully achieved that. Signing more new talent than ever before and bringing those unheard producers to the masses, 2017 is set to be another big and exciting year for the label.

In this very special 'best of 2016' compilation, we have had the pain staking, difficult task of picking out just some of our favourite productions from the last year. We have managed to select just 35 of those, which demonstrates the level of quality and an array of the new talent we have signed this year.

The bundle includes tracks from: 8 Ball, BlueBird, Jackob Rocksonn, Darren Tate, Quincy Weigert, Ian Solano, Aldous, Matt Eray, Quervo, Morphile, Atherium, Cyril Ryaz, Sheridan Grout, Straight Up, Luna Light, Azotti and many more.

We thank you the fans for your dedicated and much appreciated support. We thank all the DJ's who continually support and play our music and of course we thank all those incredibly talented producers who keep on delivering those sublime electronic masterpieces that we are fortunate enough to sign to Mondo Records.

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