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The Dj RapBase

Tina flurr

Mar 31, 2008
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Please know that Roger Chlala suffered from a brain bleeding on the night of Wednesday 26 March 2008 and the consequences of this bleeding was total death brain.
The Doctors in St Georges Hospital kept his heart beating and his lungs breathing waiting for a Miracle
No one stopped any of the machines even though there was not even 0.000000001% chance for recovery
His heart stopped beating on Friday March 28, 2008 at 6:55pm
He Left us all but He and his Music are still beating in the hearts of all the ones who loved him forever

R.I.P rapbase (F) we Will All Gonna Miss You So Much :( :( ...:'(
He used to be the BEST LEBANESE DJ OF MIX FM EVER !!
Always sad when people die like this :(

Yes, the life is so fragile sometimes :(
Yeah it's really Upset...
Though all who pass away will always stay in mind and in our heart (F)(F)