The Mondo Sessions 003 - Mixed by Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project)


Feb 14, 2011
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As one of the UK’s leading electronic record labels, Mondo Records has been at the forefront of discovering and nurturing new and aspiring talent over the last seventeen years. We have been committed to unearthing new and raw talent by signing the freshest and most forward thinking producers from all around the world.

The Mondo Sessions compilations have been one of the launch pads of some of the biggest names working in dance music right now. After two colossal outings, we are proud to introduce the third edition, mixed by label owner Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project, Jurgen Vries, Angelic, Orion, 8 Ball and Citizen Caned). Tate is a DJ and producer who has become synonymous for his clinical production style, much loved DJ sets and pinpoint A&R critique.

For this instalment we wanted to go back to basics and keep true to our trance roots. The Mondo Sessions 003 is all about new and upcoming talent, and features in-house rising stars in the international trance community such as Azotti, Simon Gregory, Quincy Weigert, Manda Dex and Local Heroes. In addition the album highlights many new faces whose tracks will soon be rocking dance floors around the world, such as Niall Edmonds, Quervo, Atherium, Luna Light, Konstantin Kolyada and more.

All the material selected has been meticulously hand-picked especially for this compilation and is 100% Mondo Records home grown. Thank you to the producers for creating such great music to make this compilation happen and thank you to the fans who continually support the Mondo records brand.

1.Konstantin Kolyada – With You
2.Niall Edmonds – Refractor
3.Azotti – Desna (Atraxia Remix)
4.Weiyu Shen & Shatadru Sensharma – Celadon
5.Simon Gregory – The Chant
6.Quervo – The Distance
7.Jurgen Vries – Memento
8.Quincy Weigert – The Ascent
9.High Frequencies – Quantum (Royal Zeven Remix)
10.Manda Dex – Stronger
11.Atherium – Sand (In The Hourglass)
12.Mono – Rise (Local Heroes Remix)
13.Luna Light – Archangel
14.Cold Stone – Peace Of Mind
15.Mysterious Movement – Saturday

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