the next generation turntable?

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ok first thought, there is technology and there is ruining a primary medium that so many dj's learnt on, including myself, i can understand them wanting to move on on the turntable thing, but im not a fan of that, id say cdj's have got it worked out, and if they advanced it, they would do a better job! so to be blunt, just my opinion! :grinning:
I think that's pretty cool!
:lol: I think they have quite a way to go yet before that thing is responsive enough to have any real use. Also that's a ye-olde style touch screen so can only be touched in one place at a time, well actually to be more specific, it's 2 monitors with touch screen overlays on them.

Seriously though, there's nothing technologically new about this, Virtual DJ does a much better job ;)
bit strange and it didn't sound to great really.
it looks cool but i don't think it has a future, it will take the D away from DJ

I think we are already seeing that, CDJs that play from USB keys and DJs doing entire sets from virtual DJ on their laptops.
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