The Technicians - Boom Box / Pavilion [Fraction]


May 18, 2011
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1. Boom Box

2. Pavilion

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The Technicians blast their way onto Fraction Records with an absolutely barn storming debut designed to capture the big rooms entitled: Boom Box / Pavilion!

Boom Box is first up, plying maximum pressure on the floor with thundering kicks and throbbing sub basses. Atmospherics are kept at a premium throughout with supersized chord changes and crowd pleasing hook lines that will take the roof off into the sizzling power drops every time - this is a MONSTER!

On the flip, Pavilion continues to impress with further heavyweight action for the main rooms. Gritty percussive patterns and menacing lead lines underpin the mix to build the energy superbly, whilst the highly charged breakdowns and swirling risers ensure maximum intensity for those peak time sets!

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