Think you got it tough? Global warming y0!


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May 6, 2006
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Recently there's been plenty of stir about global warming. What scientiests warned us of in the 80's, only now...some 27yrs later are governments only *JUST* starting to listen.

There are people that say there's no proof, skeptics of climate change. Just like 500yrs ago - everyone thought the world was flat. Or going to the beach was the "end of the earth".

Well here in Australia, we are facing a drought of epic proportions. Funnily enough, our government still hasn't ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

To give you an idea of what is happening in Australia - it hasn't rained for 7+yrs. Now..nobody really believes me when I say that. And sure has "rained", but not like it used to when I was growing up. And it certainly hasn't rained enough to make a difference to the amount of water we have in our dams.

Let me explain....

I live in Brisbane - a sub-tropical climate. I'm half way up the east coast of Australia, around 1000km north of Sydney. As early as 10yrs ago, I remember in the summer it used to rain - A LOT. Every afternoon we'd get afternoon storms rolling in. Thunder, lightening. The hot humid days would be cooled off by a torrent of rain each night. The grass in the backyard required mowing AT LEAST once a week because it grew so fast in the moist & warm conditions.

Then slowly...year after rained a little less. Not enough to notice at first, but less rain fell nonetheless. Now in 2007 - tomorrow we start the first day of Autumn for us; the driest part of the year. It hasn't rained once this summer. Not once. Not like it used to with the big afternoon storms. I haven't mowed the grass in the backyard in 5 months. Its almost all dead now.

Because it hasn't rained in so long - all the dams, right across the country are down to 20% capacity and falling. Some are well below 20%. The area in which I live (Australia's 3rd largest city) has been on Level 5 water restrictions for nearly 6 months now. What does that mean? It means you can't use any taps outside your house. They are thinking if implementing Level 6 water restrictions soon - almost to a stage where water is rationed to the public. Nobody is allowed to wash cars, water plants or anything.

And just today - they announced on the news, that we are facing the worst water crisis to hit a developed country. The prospect that we might run out of water by the end of 2008 (less than 22 months away). Imagine that...imagine turning on your tap, and there's nothing. No showers, no baths...can't even make a cup of tea. No water.

That's what we're facing.
Here is a news article on the issue:,23739,21305001-5007200,00.html

No such thing as global warming/climate change eh? Yeah right. You ******* skeptics.