"This is a free fall"


Nov 28, 2007
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Saw paul van dyk playing a few weeks back, i remember hearing a song during his set and i remembered hearing it somewhere before. I have checked every track on my computer but no matter what i cant find this track or remember its name

The lyrics went something like
"This is a free fall,
You better hold on"
sung by a male vocalist

it started as me just wanting to hear the track again but now its just like an itch i cant scratch, i must find it!

big love for any help.
no idea
It's a shot in the dark but PvD often does his own re-edits of things these days with his laptop so it's a possibility I suppose. It's just that way back in 1993 one of the first trance records I ever bought was called Take A Free Fall by Dance 2 Trance (Dance 2 Trance - Take A Free Fall)

Paul van Dyk actually did a remix of this at the time, it does also have a male vocalist. The lyrics are slightly different but if it's not this I'm not sure what it'll be :confused: