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This is Global Trance Sounds radioshow episode 030


Oct 13, 2009
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:choon:Hi everyone and welcome to a special edition of the Trance and progressive music radioshow Global Trance Sounds .This week^s show features tracks from dj and producer Lange ^s new album ,,Harmonic Motion'' and from First State ^s ,,Changing lanes'' as well as uplifting tracks by Blue Tente and Soundlift.
Tracklist is :

1.Lange feat. Betsie Larkin - All Around Me (Reprise)(From the album "Harmonic Motion")
2.Faithless - Tweak Your Nipple (Beltek Remix)
3.Lange - Wie Komme Ich Am Besten Zum Bannhof Bitte(From the album "Harmonic Motion")
4.Lange feat. Alexander Klaus - Strong Believer(From the album "Harmonic Motion)
5.Lange - Sci-Fi Hero(From the album "Harmonic Motion")
6.The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Everytime I Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
7.Marco V & Ali Wilson - Kaos Theory
8.First State feat. Sarah Howells - Reverie(From the album "Changimg lanes")
9.DJ Eco pres Badlands - To The Edge And Back
10.Lange feat. Emma Hewitt - Live Forever(From the album "Harmonic Motion")
11.Blue Tente - In Search Of Sunrise (Balearic Mix)
12.Will Atkinson - Liquid Summer (Gravity Remix)
13.Ben Gold - Profile
14.Tenishia Feat. Aneym - Stranger To Myself (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)
15.SoundLift - Live From Above (Einar K Remix)
16.Robert Nickson - We Won't Forget (Original Mix)
17.DJ Shog Feat Simon Binkenborn - I Finally Found (Simmons And Blanc Remix)
18.First State - Primate(From the album "Changimg lanes")
19.Bjorn Akesson - Robot Religion (Original Mix)

The download link is http://bit.ly/9vgd7c

Hope u enjoy it !