Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression (inc Luke Terry, Tenthu + More Remixes)

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Jan 7, 2009
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Czech Republic born producer Thomas Coastline gives us his latest piece of fine trance, Beyond Expression. The original has a very melodic feel with a plucky lead and a catchy hook line.

The first remix comes from Luke Terry. Luke's remix is in his usual epic style, with a massive breakdown and a reworked melody riff towards the end of the track.

Next up is Tenthu's remix. Tenthu has delivered a great rework of the track, using the original melody during the breakdown before building back up to a techy climax and mainsection.

Johan Ekman gives us the next remix. His remix is amazingly driving with an epic breakdown before building up to a techy mainsection.

Last but certainly not least is ReOrder's remix. ReOrder has taken a clubby approach allowing the track to build and build teasing the melody in before unleashing it in full.

Release info:

Release date: 18th May 2009

1. Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression "Original Mix" [Sample]
2. Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression "Luke Terry Remix" [Sample]
3. Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression "Tenthu Remix" [Sample]
4. Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression "Johan Ekman Remix" [Sample]
5. Thomas Coastline - Beyond Expression "ReOrder Remix" [Sample]

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I thoroughly enjoy the Original and Luke Terry mixes, I could see myself playing the ReOrder remix but its not quite up to the others in my opinion!
omg wow \o/ Luke rocks as always :love: :dancing::dancing::super:

also original and Johan Ekman rmx are massive \o/