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Thomas Coastline - Stave To Pieces / Trashbin (inc Remixes) [Unearthed Red]

Unearthed Records

Jan 7, 2009
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Hot on the heels of Beyond Expression, Thomas Coastline has brought us 2 great new tracks in the form of Stave To Pieces and Trashbin.

Stave To Pieces is a typically epic piece from Thomas. The build features small snippets of the main hook, with some carefully placed acids and fills before unleashing the hook in full during the breakdown bringing in a plucky lead to the climax and mainsection.

First up on remix duties is Estigma. Estigma's take on Stave To Pieces is certainly a club oriented track with a solid lead and bassline giving the track a great drive.

C-Systems are back with their beautiful 'Beach Ball' remix. The C-Systems remix has a great summer feel to it, featuring intricately woven melody lines and boasts a feel good factor through the entire track.

Karybde & Scylla complete the remixes on Stave To Pieces in style creating a whole extra melody line with the main hook in the second half of the track.

Finishing the package off is Trashbin, which is a techy little number. This slab of tough trance features a great hands in the air melody before kicking off with a dark bassline.

Release info:

Release date: 29th June 2009

1. Thomas Coastline - Stave To Pieces (Original Mix) [Sample]
2. Thomas Coastline - Stave To Pieces (Estigma Remix) [Sample]
3. Thomas Coastline - Stave To Pieces (C-Systems Beach Ball Remix) [Sample]
4. Thomas Coastline - Stave To Pieces (Karybde and Scylla Daybreak Remix) [Sample]
5. Thomas Coastline - Trashbin (Original Mix) [Sample]

Available from: Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown + More

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omg \o/ s-systems beach ball remix is my fav one on this release :love::super::super::super:

I'm crazy for this tack :lol: :lolz: :choon::choon:

I fell in love with it since first hearing :choon:

massive amazing almost unreal release \o/
C-Systems Beach Ball Remix is huge, best remix! :love: Trashbin also huge! Supported both those on my show. :dancing:
trashbin souds like Something's up by Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas :bully: huge track tho. loving the tech!
Great tune , supporting Trashbin since 1 momth ! :dance:
Trashbin owns. love the damn tech on it!!! :mml:
Bought wavs of original mixes last night, good work! :smile:

The remixes are so useless... :sleeping:
alot releases lately, my sets more and more includes material from unearthed, and every stuff is brilliant i think - melodic and uplifting how i like it

my label of 2009 so far, keep it up guys :D

Hello all,

I just signed up to get familiar with the place. Nothing much to say for now :).